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Windshield Repair Services

Windshield Services at Ourisman Collision Centers Near Washington D.C.

Does your vehicle’s windshield have an unsightly crack or other damage? Whether a road-flung rock struck your windshield to cause chipping or your vehicle was in an accident causing extensive windshield shattering, we offer the windshield repair and replacement services necessary to restore the structural integrity with peak visibility and safety. Major automakers recommend repairing minor windshield cracks and chips as soon as possible because glass damages worsen with time and environmental exposure. You can schedule windshield repairs today at the Ourisman Collision Centers location nearest you in Bethesda, Bowie, Woodlawn, Dundalk, Rockville, or Laurel.
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Windshield Inspection

A windshield inspection serves as the staging point for the repair or replacement. We repair minor glass chipping and cracking with a specialized process. Extensive glass damages beyond repair require a complete windshield replacement service. Contact us for a free inspection and estimate detailing what level of service your windshield requires.

Windshield Repair

Windshield repair is a specialized process by which a certified technician restores glass integrity, contour, and transparency by injecting a specialized resin into the damage. We start by cleaning the damaged area removing lingering glass shavings or chips. We inject a special resin that cures with glass-like integrity.

Windshield Replacement

More extensive glass damage requires replacement service. We provide windshield replacement service for all makes and models with OEM glass matching the original’s structural integrity, contour, and transparency. We remove the damaged windshield and install genuine OEM glass. New vehicles with embedded advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) receive calibration service to ensure performance and safety. All major automakers recommend ADAS recalibration with windshield replacement service.

Get a Free Windshield Inspection and Service Estimate

We understand that dealing with windshield damage is usually an unexpected hassle and expense. We provide free windshield inspections and service estimates. A certified technician will assess the damage, take photos if necessary, and write a detailed service recommendation, including the expense. Contact us today to schedule your free windshield inspection and service estimate.
Windshield Repair Service

Schedule Windshield Repair Service at Ourisman Collision Centers

Customers can contact us online or by phone to schedule service. Many customers prefer the online service scheduler because the portal is always available and finished within minutes. You can also call the collision center nearest you during open hours to schedule an appointment.