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Weather Damage Repairs

Come to Ourisman Collision Centers for Weather Damage Repairs

Major storms can be a lot to deal with. Not only do you have to worry about keeping yourself safe, but you also have to worry about protecting your house and your vehicle. Even with preparation, your vehicle may still be damaged by weather. If you have been the victim of weather damage near Baltimore, Washington D.C., Bethesda, Rockville, or any of the surrounding areas, schedule an appointment at Ourisman Collision Centers. Find out more here!

Dent Repair - No Matter How Big or Small

  • Flooding and Water Damage: There are multiple potential issues if your vehicle has been flooded in a hurricane or other storm. The engine or electrical components can be damaged, your vehicle may rust prematurely, the interior may face mold, and safety features like the airbags may be compromised. It may be possible to repair minor water damage, but extensive restoration may be needed for most flood-damaged vehicles. For this reason, many insurance companies will total a car that has been submerged.
  • Hail Damage: If your vehicle has been in a hailstorm, it may be damaged by the hail. Hail can leave dents on your vehicle’s hood and roof, ranging from minor bumps to major ones. If hail is severe, it can even break windshields!
  • Debris Damage: Storms can cause lots of debris, from falling tree limbs to flying construction signs. This can lead to dents, broken windows, major body damage, and more.

Why Choose Ourisman Collision Centers for Weather Damage Repairs?

Ourisman Automotive Group has been in the business for over a century, so we know what you need and can take good care of your vehicle. Our team of experts can inspect your vehicle thoroughly and let you know what course of action we recommend taking in order to repair your vehicle. We can also work with your insurance company, taking much of the stress out of repairs. Whether your vehicle needs minor repairs or a full restoration, we have the skills, the precision tools, and the parts necessary to bring your vehicle back to its former glory.

At Ourisman Collision Centers, we work with all makes and models, and we have locations in:

Hyundai Collision Center

Schedule Weather Damage Repair Service at Ourisman Collision Centers in the Washington D.C Area

If your vehicle has suffered weather damage, we invite you to come to one of our Ourisman Collision Center locations. Schedule an estimate online or give us a call, and then come by for repairs. We look forward to seeing you!