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Paint Services near Dundalk, MD

Automotive Paint Services Near Dundalk, MD

Has your vehicle in Dundalk, MD, sustained unsightly damage to the body and needs painting service? We provide a comprehensive paint service menu in Baltimore, MD, 15 minutes from Dundalk, MD. The short drive from Dundalk to Baltimore, MD, is a wise investment in certified paint service quality. Our paint service objective is to reestablish the pre-accident appearance regardless of damage severity. We employ certified autobody technicians who become paint service experts through extensive experience and ongoing skills development. We operate a state-of-the-art facility with the most advanced paint service technologies. Our commitment to providing customers with outstanding paint service ensures top-quality results for all makes and models. Schedule a free estimate for your paint service today at Ourisman Collision Center of Baltimore.

Certified Paint Service Provisions

  • Certified Autobody Technicians: Automotive painting is a craft that requires outstanding attention to detail, experience, and skill. We employ certified autobody technicians with proven paint service knowledge. They develop their painting skills daily by providing customers with comprehensive paint services.  
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: We achieve our mission to restore the pre-damaged appearance with state-of-the-art paint equipment, including Downdraft spray/paint booths, individual prep stations, and precision color-match technology. 
  • Genuine OEM Aluminum: Auto painting often involves replacing bumpers, fenders, and quarter panels. We complete such services with genuine OEM aluminum to support our mission – restoring the pre-damaged look. 

Comprehensive Paint Service Menu

  • Body Painting: We paint minor abrasions, scratching, and whole vehicles. 
  • Dent Repair with PaintingSevere dents often involve damaged paint. Although paintless dent repair is the ideal service for dents with intact paint, dents with damaged paint need traditional repairs with sanding, buffing, painting, and clearcoat application. A dent inspection reveals if your vehicle qualifies for paintless dent removal or repairs with painting.  
  • Touch-Ups: We repair minor damages, such as scratches, abrasions, and chipping. Our goal is to match the original paint perfectly for the best look possible.  

Schedule an Estimate at Ourisman Collision Center of Baltimore, MD

Customers in Dundalk, MD, can contact us online or by phone to begin the repair process with a free estimate. Many customers submit the online form that only requires basic details, such as your contact information and how we can help. We will contact you soon once submitted via email or by phone. If you live in Dundalk, MD, choose the Ourisman Collision Center of Baltimore, MD, for the nearest location.