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Dent Removal Services

Dent Removal Services at Ourisman Collision Centers

What does it take to remove dents from your vehicle as a driver in the Washington D.C. area? There are two answers to this question. First of all, it depends on your vehicle and the severity of the damage it has sustained. For example, an older vehicle with body panels made of more sturdy metals will require different dent repair services than a newer model with aluminum panels that are more malleable. Second, and most importantly, dent repair is best done by a certified technician near you, qualified to perform certified dent repair services on most makes and models. At Ourisman Collision Centers, we’re your local source for certified collision repair for most makes and models throughout the Washington D.C. area – schedule an estimate online today to speak with one of our service professionals as soon as possible.
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Dent Repair - No Matter How Big or Small

For some people, minor dents don’t really bother them. They’re fine with driving their vehicle around with minor dents, so long as operationally and functionally, the vehicle is still in good shape. For others, even the smallest dents are annoying. Even if the rest of their vehicle is spotless, pristine, and in brand new condition, a tiny dent is sometimes all that some customers can see when they look at their vehicle. Whether your vehicle has a massive dent or a tiny indentation in your door, let the certified technicians at Ourisman Collision Centers straighten you out. We’ll get your dent repaired as soon as possible, and if you’re happy with the result and want to move forward with additional repairs, we offer several other services for our customers near Washington D.C.

Dent Removal Can Often Require Paint

It’s not always the case, but sometimes dents can be so severe that they’ll require paint to patch over the damaged area. Ourisman Collision Centers has access to an extensive catalog of paint from many auto manufacturers. Even if your paint is not contained in our catalog, we can mix and match paints until we achieve the perfect match for your vehicle.
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Schedule Your Complimentary Estimate Today

People will often put off services and repairs because they’re afraid of the cost. With our complimentary estimates at Ourisman Collision Centers, you have no obligation to move forward with repairs if you’re not ready, and our estimates are provided at no cost to you. Let one of our certified technicians give you an estimate for your repairs so that you can have some numbers to look over while you think about our dent removal services at Ourisman Collision Centers near Washington D.C. Schedule your estimate today!