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Deer Collision Services

Deer Collision Repair Near Washington D.C.

It happens to so many more people than you’d expect. You’re driving along, no other cars are on the road, and then in the blink of an eye, a deer dashes out in front of your vehicle, and you have no time to react. Unfortunately, deer are extremely skittish and often live near highways, especially in rural areas where they roam more freely. While deer can roam free is a great thing for local wildlife, it’s a risk when you drive in an area that’s known to have an abundance of deer, as they can do considerable damage to your vehicle. If you’re ever involved in a collision with a deer, whether a major collision that does structural damage or if you only clip the side of the deer, you’re going to want to get your repairs done as soon as possible. Visit Ourisman Collision Centers near Washington D.C., and our certified technicians will work with you to restore your vehicle to excellent condition.

Beware of Deer Activity in the Washington D.C. Area

While Washington D.C. may not necessarily be known for an abundance of wildlife, deer are more common around here than you’d think. While it’s always good to know that you have access to a certified collision center with our multiple locations at Ourisman Collision Centers, you should beware of the times when deer are most active so that you can adjust your driving accordingly. Dusk and dawn tend to be the most active times for deer, and anytime you notice a deer crossing sign or are driving on a remote highway with open space around, you’ll want to be watchful of deer that may encroach on the thoroughfare.

Certified Deer Collision Repair With Genuine OEM Parts at Ourisman Collision Repair

Deer collisions can result in all sorts of damage. For high-speed impacts where the animal is struck straight-on, the repairs will likely be substantial. High-speed impacts where the animal is only clipped may be less damaging, and low-speed collisions with deer will usually result in less damage than you’d expect. Whether you need paint, fender repair, bumper repair, dent removal, or wheel alignment service, Ourisman Collision Centers are waiting and ready to provide what you need to restore your vehicle from deer damage.
Deer Collision Repair Services

Streamlined Collision Repair Process

It’s stressful enough to have to deal with getting repairs for your vehicle, especially after you’ve been involved in a collision with deer. At Ourisman Collision Centers, we ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible by working directly with your insurance company, seeking your approval (and your insurance’s) prior to moving forward with repairs, and ultimately reuniting you with a vehicle that’s in original condition as soon as possible. Call us today to schedule a complimentary collision repair estimate.