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Alignment Services

Come to the Ourisman Collision Centers Near Washington, D.C. for Wheel Alignment Service

When your vehicle was manufactured, its wheels and frame were precisely aligned. However, things don’t always stay the way that they should. If you have been in a collision, both the wheels and the frame may have become misaligned. In addition, wheels may become misaligned if you hit a pothole or run over a curb, or even just from day-to-day driving. Misaligned wheels and a bent frame can make your drive much less safe, and can also do greater damage to your vehicle. If you have been in a collision, or if you suspect that your wheels are misaligned, we invite you to come to one of the Ourisman Collision Centers for frame alignment or wheel alignment service. Find out more about wheel alignment and frame alignment services on this informative page, and then schedule an estimate at the Ourisman Collision Centers!

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What Is Wheel Alignment Service?

When your vehicle has its wheels aligned at Ourisman Collision Centers, our technicians will start by inspecting the vehicle’s suspension elements and the angles of the wheels. They will look at three main angles: the camber, toe, and caster angles. The camber and toe angles refer to the wheels’ tilt, while the caster measures the difference between a vertical angle and the steering axis. If any of these angles are not what they should be, our technicians will use precision instruments to bring them back into alignment according to factory specifications. We can provide either a two-wheel or four-wheel alignment.

What Is a Frame Alignment Service?

If you have been in an accident, the frame may have become misaligned in addition to the wheels. If your vehicle’s frame has become bent or misaligned, our technicians will use a frame-straightening machine to check additional angles and make the necessary adjustments. 

We Service All Makes & Models

Schedule Wheel Alignment Service at the Ourisman Collision Centers in the Washington, D.C. Area

If you think that your vehicle may need to have its wheels or frame aligned — especially if you have been in a collision — we invite you to schedule an estimate at one of the Ourisman Collision Centers. With our multiple locations, we are pleased to serve drivers all around the area. We look forward to helping you get your vehicle back into top shape here at the Ourisman Collision Centers.